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Powr Vest

Powr Vest

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This vest features 600D nylon for scratch resistance and long-lasting durability, also features a waterproof surface for use in wet conditions.

One size fits all design that can be adjusted to fit all body types. A Quick-release cable system allows you to remove the vest in seconds. The cable system also allows for adjustment at shoulders to accolade how high or low the vest will hang. It also has cable adjustments around cummerbund to accommodate all waist sizes. The elastic panels on the side of the cummerbund allow for a comfortable yet snug feeling.

Tactical ballistic plates and fitness plates can be added to the front and the back. Plates are added from the bottom and are held in securely using two velcro straps and one velcro flap. There is also velcro lining both sides of the interior to assure that plates are not shifting or moving while using.

The vest also features a pocket on the top in front that can hold the phones or other items while using.

The velcro molle webbing allows for attaching velcro patches easily. And also makes it easier to attach accessories such as mag pouches and other tactical gear.

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